Become a Bigs Ambassador! 

Connect us to your principal. Bring The Bigs to your school. make Bigs things happen.

If you are an aspiring leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to bring a great career exploration program to your school, we welcome you to become a Bigs Ambassador. Through this role, you'll develop leadership and organizational skills, and receive individual career support along with other Bigs perks. As an ambassador you have the opportunity to:

Build Your resume

Gain valuable skills in communication, relationship building, and marketing your ideas. This will strengthen your college application, and make you a more compelling candidate for internship and job opportunities. Regardless of your interests or career pursuits, being a Bigs Ambassador will help you gain the experience to achieve your goals. 

Get Career support

Our Bigs Partners will provide you with individualized career support to help you build a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, and prepare for networking and interviewing. As an ambassador, you'll be even more prepared to take on the professional world.

Spread the word

Through hands-on training, we'll show you how to effectively leverage your network to bring The Bigs Project to your school and other organizations. We'll even throw in some Bigs swag!