Ben in Yahoo Finance | Don't do what you love, do what someone will pay you to do: Advice for job-seekers

Yahoo Finance interviewed founder Ben Carpenter about some of the main takeaways from The Bigs. Ben encourages all to think about not only what you like to do, but what you do well.  Some of Ben's advice includes:

Carpenter's advice seems to run counter to those trends and includes the following:

  • Show up whether you're sick, you get a flat tire, you're hung over or if there a snowstorm
  • Be available at all hours: always respond to emails and phone calls as soon as you can, whether late at night, early in the morning, on vacation, weekends.
  • Don't take any days off from work for the first 6 months in a new job.
  • Schedule all personal appointments after business hours -- if your doctor doesn't offer late hours, get a new doctor.

"To me, the way particularly young people but really everybody should be approaching their job is to think like an entrepreneur," he says. "If you had a company and you were the sole employee, you'd get up everyday and go to to work. When you were at work you'd be thinking about 'what is it I need to do to make this company successful?' You wouldn't be thinking about 'how can I protect my time off?'"

Check out the full interview here.