The Bigs Project Ohio State University    Research Study

Researchers at the Ohio State University analyzed the career attitudes and outcomes of nearly 1,500 4,000 students from 26 32 high schools that participated in The Bigs.  These results will be presented at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Chicago, IL, in April 2018.

Despite the fact that these high school students were required to participate in The Bigs session, their responses were extremely positive. Specifically, immediately following the program, the following percentages of students agreed--or agreed strongly--with these statements:   

77% would recommend this career exploration program to a sibling. 

75% learned a lot about how to get internships and jobs from the program.

75% felt more optimistic about their future in the work world after participating in the program.

61% stated that they were going to apply for internships and jobs sooner than they would have if they hadn't attended the program.

 Nine of these high schools did the program in the fall of 2016, and six months later had their 600 students responded to an Ohio State end-of-school survey. These students reported that:

25% had already used what they learned from The Bigs to help them choose or get a great internship or job.

26% had already used what they learned from The Bigs to help them do great work at an internship or job.

These high schools are located in 10 states, and represent communities across the entire socio-economic spectrum of the U.S.—from inner-city and rural underserved, to the suburban affluent, and everything between. While results from all these schools/students were positive, The Ohio State study revealed that students from underserved communities learned the most and were the most enthusiastic about having participated in The Bigs Program.

The Bigs Research Team