Thomas Brinkley, Executive Director - Student Professional Development Center | Elon University

"As we go about “reinventing” the old model of career services to fit the 21st century and the demands of the millennial generation of students, Elon University has actively been reaching out to experienced executives to help our students connect to the “real world” of work. Ben Carpenter was one of the best in delivering his real world examples to our students, and his practical sense of advice was well received by a sell-out crowd that was hungry for these lessons of experience. Ben relates his own professional story and the story of his children in launching their careers, and his advice is universally relevant to all students regardless of their major or intended profession. His book, The Bigs, is talked about by our students, and will be required reading by one of our faculty members. Our students have had the opportunity to gain valuable career insight from The Bigs’ participation at Elon."