Merissa McKasty, Assistant to the Director of Applied Learning | SUNY System Administration and Meylin Andares, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success, SUNY System Administration

Ben Carpenter, in partnership with SUNY and the College Bound Initiative, hosted and presented to a group of 35 highly engaged high school students from the College Bound Initiative program. The College Bound Initiative program is based out of New York City whose mission is to empower young women and men to realize their higher education and life potential by placing full-time college guidance experts in high-need public schools. The students were able to receive a very personalized visit with Ben and had many great questions for him about the Bigs book and his own personal journey. At the end of the event, all students filled out a survey asking them what they gained from the presentation. All of the students rated the presentation very favorably, and each one of them had noted a piece of advice that Ben had given them throughout his presentation. The students found his presentation to be “amazing” and they were given “the tools to be successful.” Overall, the event was a huge success and will be an experience that they will not forget. Thanks Ben!